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College of Technology

Graduate Certificate in Game-Based Learning

Use Game-Based Learning to Promote Engagement and Sustain Motivation

Wilmington University’s graduate certificate in Game-Based Learning helps educators develop the skills to integrate instructional gaming into their curriculum using the latest professional software.

Innovative Teaching and Fun Learning Strategies

Our Game-Based Learning certificate program will focus on how to maximize student learning, engage your audience, and convey complex messages with simple and fun methods.

Practical Coursework

Heavily rooted in STEM, the coursework provides the foundation and framework for creating experiences to explore science, technology, engineering and math to help enhance any learning environment.

Hands-On Experience

Gain practical experience and methods for turning your educational environment into a truly engaging learning experience that integrates learning theories with the latest technologies.

Earn a certificate AND get credit for a degree at the same time. WilmU® Dual–Credit Certificates work double time–like you! Customize your education and add value to your degree–without adding extra time or cost.

Why a WilmU Certificate?

Wilmington University certificate programs teach you the subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or to simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today. Many WilmU certificate programs can be completed online or at several of our face-to-face locations!

Careers Related to the Certificate in Game-Based Learning

  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Research Assistants

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