Chromebook Not Supported

Wilmington University advises against purchasing or using Chromebooks for online learning.

Chromebooks are not compatible with the following software/service used for online or in-class learning:

  • Kaltura , used in coursework for video and screen recordings. You may not be able to record video or screen capture when needed for some courses if using a Chromebook.
  • Microsoft Office: Chromebooks do not support use of Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 software, which is widely used by faculty and students for course content and assignments.
  • ALEKS PPL Math Placement Assessment: The ALEKS math placement assessment for entering undergraduate students uses a version of Respondus LockDown Browser that is not compatible with Chromebooks. Students who do not have an alternative computer with webcam may contact the Student Success Center for assistance.
  • SmartNotebook software, used in a limited number of courses in the Education programs.

What if I only/already have a Chromebook?

Limited workarounds are available for those who have no other option but to use a Chromebook.

  • For Kaltura
    • Recording video with a webcam: students can use the in-browser HTML5 webcam recorder.
      screen shot kaltura menu > add new > webcam video
    • Screen recording: you may use Zoom to record your screen, as demostrated in the video below. Check your WilmU email for the Zoom recording URL to share back to Canvas assignment.