Chromebook Not Supported

Wilmington University advises against purchasing or using Chromebooks for online learning.

Chromebooks are not compatible with the following software/service used for online or in-class learning:

  • Kaltura, used in coursework for video and screen recordings. You may not be able to record video or screen capture when needed for some courses if using a Chromebook.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser, used for proctoring of online tests and assessments. You may not be able to take some online tests in courses where proctoring is required (test that are not “open book”) if using a Chromebook.
  • Microsoft Office: Chromebooks do not support use of Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 software, which is widely used by faculty and students for course content and assignments.
  • SmartNotebook software, used in a limited number of courses in the Education programs.

What if I only/already have a Chromebook?

Limited workarounds are available for those who have no other option but to use a Chromebook.

  • For Kaltura
    • Recording video with a webcam: students can use the in-browser HTML5 webcam recorder.
      screen shot kaltura menu > add new > webcam video
    • Screen recording: unfortunately, there is no workaround for screen recording. There may be some screen recording apps in the Chrome app store, but these apps are not supported by the University (use at your own risk).
  • For LockDown Browser, other options for proctored online tests may be available, at the discretion of the faculty member teaching your course. Please consult your instructor if you’re unable to use LockDown Browser.