Kaltura is the video creation and management platform Wilmington University uses and supports. Students can use Kaltura to create video introductions or complete class assignments. Instructors can share lessons across various courses, post video lectures, and allow students to re-watch content-pertinent videos as needed.

The following guides have been created to help you in your Kaltura experience. If you need further assistance, please reach out to the help desk.

Kaltura Set-Up

Installing Kaltura Capture - walkthough and tips to assist you in correctly installing Kaltura Capture to you PC or Mac.

Creating Content

Creating a Discussion Board Video with Kaltura Webcam - a walkthrough of using Kaltura to create a webcam video and posting it to a discussion board. This option is useful when using a mobile device or when installing Kaltura Capture is not possible.

Creating a Video with Kaltura Capture - a walkthrough of using Kaltura Capture to create video recordings.

Creating a Screen Recording with Kaltura Capture - a walkthrough of using Kaltura Capture to make a screen recording.

Uploading and Submitting Content

Uploading a pre-recorded video into Kaltura - a walkthrough of uploading a pre-recorded video into the "My Media" library.

Submitting Kaltura Content - a walkthrough of submitting a Kaltura video from your "My Media" area as a Canvas assignment or a Canvas discussion.