Video-Enabled Classroom

A video-enabled classroom allows our faculty to teach both face-to-face and online students simultaneously. This classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, audio, and video. Through the use of Zoom in any  course, this technology is easy to use and access in a familiar web conference format.  This technology allows students to see, hear, and interact with students in the face-to-face classroom.

The video-enabled classrooms are currently located in Wilson Graduate Center (Rooms 408, 112, and 109), New Castle (DAC 311), Dover, and Brandywine.

 video enabled classroom

Instructor Training for the Video-Enabled Classroom

If you are an instructor assigned to teach a class in the video-enabled classroom, you will need to complete the following training:

·         Web Conferencing

·         Video-Enabled Classroom Instruction


You can sign up for these courses in the WilmU Learning Center  For more information on how to register for workshops, visit this help page.