Updating the Zoom Client: Zoom minimally requires client version 5.13.5 (effective November, 4, 2023). For the best experience, we recommend using the most up to date version of the Zoom Client for Meetings and ensure the client automatically updates. Please also see Instructions for Using the Zoom Desktop Client and Outlook Plug-In.

New for January 2023: The Chrome OS App has been retired, Chromebook users will now need to use the Zoom Web App for Chrome OS. The Zoom for Chrome PWA (Progressive Web App) allows you to use some of the same features available on the desktop client or mobile app within the Chrome web browser.

Zoom Safety: Wilmington University cares about your safety. Participants should not be driving or engaging in any activity that requires their undivided attention while using Zoom. Do not connect to Zoom while driving.

Zoom Security: Please see Zoom Meeting Security Settings for special instructions for increasing security for our Zoom platform and users.

Zoom is Wilmington University's web conferencing platform. Zoom can be used by faculty, staff, or students inside of the Canvas LMS or on the web.

Student Zoom Resources

Students have access to their own licensed Zoom account through WilmU. From this account students can:

  • Schedule one on one meetings with classmates
  • Coordinate student groups/study tables
  • Host interviews, record meeting and download transcripts related to coursework.
Log in to Zoom using your WilmU username and password, select Schedule a Meeting and get started today. Contact multimedia@wilmu.edu for any questions or training.

Quick Start Guides for Students

Getting Started For Students

Tutorial Videos for Students

Tutorial Videos for Faculty Members

Tutorial Videos for Staff