Creating a Discussion Board Video with Kaltura Webcam

Many classes require the uploading of videos for the "Introduce Yourself to the Class" discussion board or for weekly video discussion board postings. This can be done using the Kaltura webcam tool, which allows you to place the video into a discussion board or assignment, but does not automatically give you a copy of your recording on your local device (though you can manually download your recording).

If you would like to have the video stored on your local computer, consider using the Kaltura Capture tool and then embedding the video into the discussion board or assignment.

The following video tutorial and walkthrough shows how to record a video using the Kaltura webcam feature. If you have any issues, please reach out to the help desk.


Creating a Discussion Board Video with Kaltura Webcam -- Walkthrough

1) Navigate to your discussion assignment. Click Reply.



2) Click on the Kaltura App either from Tools/Apps menus and select Embed Kaltura Media. Or you may choose the Kaltura Media App button from the toolbar (colored starburst icon). This will take you to your My Media, where you will record your video.



3) On your My Media page, click the Add New button in the upper right.
4) Select Webcam Recorder from the menu.



5) The Webcam Recorder will appear. Click Allow to give the Kaltura App access to your camera and microphone.



6) Use the recording tools menu to check your camera or microphone. When ready to record, click the red recording button. A three second countdown window will appear.



7) At the end of the countdown, you may begin recording your video. When you are done, click the red Stop button.



8) After recording, you can review your video by clicking the play button. Then you can choose to Record Again and/or Download a Copy. Once you are ready to submit the video, select Use This.



9) Name your recording, preferable with a title including your name and the assignment title. You can also provide a description, tags, and the publishing status.
10) Click Save & Embed to place your video into the Discussion Board reply area.



11) Click Post Reply. It is safe to click Post Reply even if your video is labeled "Media is being processed." You may return to the board later to verify posting.