Faculty Information for Make-Up Exams

This procedure is for make-up exams for courses at the New Castle and Dover locations ONLY. Instructors at other locations should contact the site staff at those locations.

This service should only be used when a need exists for a student to test at an alternate time due to an unforeseen circumstance occurring during the normal testing time. Make-up exams will not be offered in lieu of class meeting.

These procedures must be completed at least 48 hours before the student is eligible to take the test.

Faculty Instructions:

  1. Submit the test to the Testing Center.
    • Please be prepared to submit your test in an electronic document format.
    • Submit the completed test at least 48 hours before the student is eligible to take the test.
  2. Notify the student:
    • That you have provided the Testing Center with a copy of the test and that they may take it during Testing Center hours*.
    • Of the testing conditions:
      • deadline date by which to take the test
      • time allotted to complete test
      • open book/closed book
      • whether or not items such as calculators and notes are permissible.
    • Remind students that they are required to bring a photo ID to the test.
  3. The completed test will be emailed to you, or you will be notified online that the test has been completed.

After the student has completed the test, the Testing Center will send a scanned copy of the test to your Wilmington University email account. It is your responsibility to grade the test, and inform the student of the results.