Undergraduate English & Math Placement Test Results and Next Steps

Your Scoring Report

At the end of your ACCUPLACER® testing session, your test scores and placement results appear on the computer screen. Your proctor will print them for you. If you did not receive a printout of your score report, please contact the University Information Center at 302-356-4636.

Your Course Placement

Although you neither pass nor fail the placement tests, your scores are used to determine your course placement. Your first English and/or math course at Wilmington University is printed on your report:

* Placement in an English or math course does not guarantee a reserved seat in a course. Your course placement only indicates which course you should take. Taking the placement test as early as possible before or during term registration is highly recommended.

Your Next Steps

  1. Register for the math and/or English course listed on your score report using MyWilmU.
    • You may register for your required course online or in-person one hour after taking the placement test. (It takes up to one hour for your score to be added to your student record.)
  2. For instructions on registering for courses, visit Registration.


Retaking the ACCUPLACER® placement tests is not permitted.

Transferring Test Scores to Wilmington University

If you have completed the ACCUPLACER® placement tests for another institution, you may not need to retake the tests if your score/results can be verified. Students whose scores from another institution cannot be verified must have an official copy of their scores mailed or faxed to Wilmington University directly from the institution for which they originally took the test.

Have the other institution send the scores directly to:

Wilmington University
Placement Testing
320 N DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720
Fax: (302) 328-8907

Scores from ACCUPLACER® tests taken for other institutions will be compared to Wilmington University requirements to ensure you are placed in the correct course(s).

Transferring Test Scores to Another Institution

Students may request ACCUPLACER® test scores for Wilmington University be sent to another institution by completing and sending the Authorization to Release ACCUPLACER Test Scores (PDF) form.

Score Expiration

Wilmington University has no time limit (expiration) for relevant ACCUPLACER® test scores.