Filing of Complaint

Persons who have complaints alleging sex/gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression, sexual harassment, sexual assault/misconduct may file their complaints in writing with the Title IX Coordinator, his/her designee and/or the Human Resources Department. If the complaining party does not wish to put their complaint in writing, then the Title IX Coordinator, his/her designee or the Human Resources Department shall take the verbal complaint from the party and reduce said complaint into a written document. The written document shall then be shared with the complaining party to ensure it was captured accurately.

A Complaint filed under this Title IX procedure may normally not be filed under any other University Complaint procedure. Depending on the nature of the issues involved, the Title IX Coordinator, or his/her designee, will advise the complainant about the appropriate procedure(s) to follow (e.g. applicable disciplinary policies and procedures). Parties to the complaint, including the respondent and/or the complainant may obtain the advice of any advisor/attorney at his/her own expense.
The investigation, remedial action and appeal processes are strictly internal to the University, however, under Title IX both the accuser and the accused are entitled to have present an advisor of choice at any disciplinary procedure or meeting in which they are required to be present.

The Title IX Coordinator may modify these procedures at any time as deemed appropriate for compliance with federal, state, local law or applicable guidance.


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