Role of the Title IX Coordinator

The “Title IX Coordinator” is responsible for overseeing the University’s response to reports of Sexual Misconduct on campus and oversees the University’s centralized response to ensure compliance with Title IX and the Clery Act (VAWA) as it relates to the accurate reporting of and response to sexual harassment and the VAWA offenses.

The Title IX Coordinator is also responsible for coordinating the effective implementation of supportive measures and remedies.  The Title IX Coordinator or the President may delegate responsibilities under this policy to a designee, who will be appropriately trained per the requirements of Title IX and VAWA.  For purposes of this policy, any reference to the Title IX Coordinator should be read as the “Title IX Coordinator or other designee.”

Reports may be made weekdays between 9am and 5pm. Email reports can be sent anytime: 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You may also mail written correspondence to the address below.

Title IX Coordinator

Linda Van Drie Andrzjewski, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Title IX, Clery and Regulatory Affairs
47 Reads Way
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 356-6754
Fax: (302) 328-7918