Title IX Training Summary for Students

Required training

First time, full time students are required to participate in a Title IX training. This state-mandated training educates students on the interconnected issues of sexual violence, substance abuse, and healthy relationships, to promote a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone. Students who are required to participate in this training are contacted directly by the Student Life Department.

To complete the training, students will view a short video. After watching the entire video, students must complete a 10-question quiz. In order to complete the training, all questions do not need to be answered correctly. However, it is encouraged for students to review the questions marked incorrectly after the quiz. Once the quiz is complete, students should enter their name and myWilmU email address on the web page, and click “Submit” to confirm their participation. A hold will be placed on your MyWilmU account if you don’t complete the training by the deadline and will prevent you from registering for future courses.

Additional training

To help create a safe environment for you and other students at Wilmington University, new students are sent two additional online trainings through EverFi called Sexual Assault Prevention and Alcohol Edu. The Sexual Assault Prevention training educates and prepares students to recognize and respond to sexual assault and harassment in a variety of environments including on campus, in the workplace, and at home. Alcohol Edu is a research-based, online education program designed to assist students in making healthy decisions regarding alcohol use in college. This program includes information on bystander intervention, BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels, and strategies for non-drinkers.

Students will be sent these trainings through their myWilmU email. For questions, please contact Student Life at StudentLife@wilmu.edu and (302) 356-6974.