Academic Policies

Complete copies of Wilmington University academic policies are located in the Academic Colleges and site offices, Admissions Office, and the Office of the Registrar and are available to any registered or prospective student upon request. These policies contain detailed explanations of academic probation, Dean's List, transfer credit policy, etc., as well as definitions for terms used in the maintenance of a student's academic record. Some frequently used policies are outlined below.

Change of Policy

Wilmington University reserves the right to change or adjust its academic policies, tuition, fees, payment plan procedures, academic calendar, and to cancel or add courses at any time.

Courses and Credit

Various methods and guidelines for earning college credit.


Policies and procedures for student evaluation and academic performance.

General Requirements

What is required of all students to earn a Wilmington University degree.

Academic Integrity

Conducting academic work with honesty and respect.

Human Subjects Review Committee

Guidelines and Procedures for conducting research using human subjects.