Human Subjects Review

Welcome to Wilmington University’s Human Subjects Review resource site. The Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC) is the institutional body that meets periodically to review research protocols to make sure that the rights and safety of research subjects are protected. The Committee reviews all research conducted at the University from:

  • within the University community (faculty, staff, students)
  • outside of the University but conducted at any of the University’s sites
  • using any of the University’s personnel or students.

The Human Subjects Committee is sometimes called an Institutional Review Board (IRB). We follow the suggested Federal Guidelines and best practices of the particular discipline governing the subject matter of the research. In general, the Committee is able to expedite all routine research where the risk to the subject is "no more than that encountered in every day life." We scrutinize very carefully any research that might be conducted on protected subjects (children, employees of the researcher, prisoners, or other persons not usually able to give informed consent).

All research conducted at the University or by University faculty, staff, or students must be reviewed by the Committee. See the HSRC representative in any of the teaching Divisions.