Criminal Background Check for Field Placement

  • Students planning to student teach are required to submit to the State of Delaware for a  criminal background check (CBC) including fingerprinting and the Child Protection Registry Review.
  • Students MUST complete the fingerprinting process including submitting the CBC Report, PRIOR to submitting a student teaching application.
  • Students must also complete the Child Protection Registry Review Form and the Wilmington University Consent to Release Information Form as part of the application process. These forms are included in the application.
  • Applications for student teaching MAY NOT be submitted until after you have provided the Clinical Studies Office with your Criminal Background Check report. The report will be sent to your home address after the fingerprints are taken at the State Police Station. When the report arrives from the State Police, DO NOT OPEN the envelope.  Any envelope that is opened or tampered with will not be reviewed or considered.
  • You must submit the SEALED envelope containing your criminal background report that you receive from the State Police UNOPENED to the Office of Clinical Studies to complete a student teaching application. Your copy of the criminal background report must be taken to the Clinical Studies Office in the College Education during regular working hours. These locations are:
    • New Castle: Clinical Studies Office in the Peoples Building
    • Dover: Building B
    • Georgetown: The Wilmington University Office, William A. Carter Partnership Building.
  • Student teaching placement recommendations will not be presented to the districts or charter schools until we receive the criminal background report and determine suitability at Wilmington University. The district or charter school will then decide if they will accept the student teacher.

Where to Complete the CBC

Any student may travel to the Dover State Police Headquarters where no appointment is necessary.

Criminal background checks are administered at:

Kent County

Blue Hen Corporate Center and Mall
Suite 1B
655 Bay Road (US 113)
Dover, DE

Monday, 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 p.m.– 3:00 p.m.

New Castle County

You must schedule an appointment for the CBC by calling (302) 739-2528 or (800) 464-4357

State Police Troop II
100 Lagrange Ave.
Newark, De 19702

Sussex County

Criminal background checks are administered at:

State Police Headquarters
Troop 4
U. S. Route 113 South
Shortley Road (across from DMV)
Georgetown, DE 19947
(800) 464-4357

12:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. every other Wednesday

General Instructions for the CBC

  • The student must indicate, when requesting the CBC, that he/she is a student teacher and request that the copy be sent to the student. (The sealed envelope, when received, must be delivered to the appropriate Clinical Studies Office in the College of Education). Note: A reduced fee is charged for student teachers for the CBC.
  • After receiving the student’s executed Consent Form and Child Protection Form, the University will request the Child Protection Registry report on the student’s behalf. This form is a part of the student teaching application.
  • The University will send a confirmation to the student verifying the receipt of the CBC and the Child Protection Registry report within five (5) business days of receipt of both reports.
  • The CBC and the Child Protection Registry report will be reviewed by Wilmington University’s Clinical Placement Coordinator for a determination of whether or not the candidate is deemed suitable for student teaching placement, and notification of such determination will be mailed within seven (7) business days of the date the University notifies the student of receipt of the reports. The Clinical Placement Coordinator may consult with the Dean of Education or the Dean’s designee, if needed, for guidance, typically on an anonymous basis.
  • If the determination is that the student is NOT suitable, the student will receive a copy of the University’s Suitability Appeal Process.
  • Please note: Placement is contingent on a suitability determination both by the University and the district or charter school in which the University is attempting to place the student, in addition to meeting all other eligibility requirements. If deemed suitable by the University, the school district/charter school in which the University is attempting to place a student will receive a copy of the reports and a statement that the student was determined suitable according to the Wilmington University Guidelines. The district/charter school will then review the reports to determine in its sole discretion if it will place the student in a student teaching position. Such decision is final; the student is not afforded an appeal process by the school district or charter school.