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Graduate Certificate in Equitable Practices

Support All Learners

Wilmington University’s 15-credit graduate certificate in Equitable Practices is designed for educators seeking the pedagogical and practical knowledge and skills to implement an inclusive approach to support all learners. When classrooms become healthier learning environments, students, teachers, and school communities flourish.

Inclusion Strategies for the Modern Classroom

In courses that include School in a Multicultural Society, Classroom Culture and Student Behavior, Education of Diverse Populations and Exceptional Children, and Education for Equity and Social Justice, candidates learn strategies to support prekindergarten to grade 12 (P-12) students by fostering inclusive learning spaces where diversity is valued and respect for others is the norm.

Stay Current with Technology

Educators should design virtual learning spaces that include multiple modalities of learning to accommodate different learning styles or a combination of styles. In Engaging All Students in Virtual Learning Environments, candidates learn to leverage proven-effective digital tools to transform the classroom (with inventiveness, personalization, technology use, flexible learning spaces, etc.) in pace with modern learning needs. Educators previously unfamiliar with virtual teaching environments will learn how these environments work and how they can be used to successfully promote active learning for all learners.

Part of a Series of Stackable Credentials

Not only is the Equitable Practices graduate certificate a valuable standalone credential, but through Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE, you can apply its course credits toward WilmU’s M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education.

Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE™ Program

Earn this Dual-Credit Certificate and apply the credits to a related WilmU degree program! Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE lets you earn multiple credentials simultaneously — accelerating your education goals and making your credits even more valuable. Learn more about WilmU's Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE™.

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Careers Related to the Equitable Practices Graduate Certificate

  • Educators
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialists
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Planning Partners
  • Academic Directors

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