Graduation Procedures

To have your degree appear on your transcript, all students completing their degree requirements must complete these procedures regardless of commencement participation.

  1. Ensure you have met all your degree requirements.

    • All undergraduate students must have a minimum 2.00 grade point average to graduate.
    • All graduate students must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average to graduate.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether you've met all your degree requirements, please contact your academic advisor or program chair.

  2. Ensure student billing account balance is current.

    Before accepting or processing your Application for Graduation, your student billing account balance must not be past due. Log in to MyWilmU to verify your student billing account balance.

  3. Submit an Application for Graduation.

    The Application for Graduation must be initiated by the student in order to graduate and have a degree conferred; graduation and degree conferral are not automatic procedures.

    A $100.00 conferral fee (billed to your student account) is required of all students submitting the Application for Graduation, regardless of whether they attend commencement.

  4. After you submit your Application for Graduation, Wilmington University will begin the process of verifying completion of all your degree requirements.

    How to submit an application

    1. Log in to MyWilmU.
    2. Find and select My Student Profile.
    3. From the Additional Links menu (bottom left), click Application for Graduation.
    4. Follow the instructions.

    If you are unable to submit the Application for Graduation online, please contact the Registrar's Office at (302) 356-6930 or

  5. Participate in Commencement.

    Commencement is the graduation ceremony, held in the spring (with distinct ceremonies by College or University location each time). Participation in commencement is optional.

    Graduates who plan to attend commencement must have their applications submitted by the dates below:

    Graduation Term
    Deadline Date
  6. Wilmington University will confer your degree.

    Once we've verified that you have met all requirements for degree completion, we will confer your degree, and it will appear on your academic transcript. Once your degree is conferred, we will mail you your diploma.

    Conferral is the process of documenting that a student has completed all requirements for a degree or program on the official transcript.

    All students must fulfill all academic and admissions requirements, and financial obligations before the conferral of your degree is placed on your transcript.

    Graduation Term
    Deadline Date
  7. Wilmington University will mail you your diploma.

    Wilmington University has arranged for all diplomas to be mailed to students who have satisfied all financial, academic, and admission requirements. For students finishing degree requirements, diplomas, will be mailed as follows:

    Graduation Term
    Deadline Date

    Replacement Diploma

    Any student, who wishes to purchase a duplicate diploma or a replacement diploma can complete the Diploma Request Form and submit it to Registrar’s Office or any site. Diploma request(s) can only be ordered by the graduate.