About The College of Health Professions and Natural Sciences

For nearly 40 years, the College of Health Professions and Natural Sciences has offered innovative, career-oriented educational programs to meet the diverse needs of local, national, and international communities. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing, health sciences, and natural sciences; a doctoral degree in nursing practice; as well as several undergraduate and graduate certificates. Courses are offered online, hybrid, online live, and face to face.

Our scholar-practitioner faculty foster a community of excellence, respecting the diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences of students. We serve both traditional undergraduate students and working professionals, allowing students to balance work, personal, and educational commitments. Dual-credit advantage options enable students to accelerate their education by applying credits to more than one degree or certificate program.

As you explore our nursing, health sciences, and natural science programs, let us know if you have any questions or if you would like any additional information. Please contact Jennifer Norris, Assistant to the Dean via email at Jennifer.L.Norris@wilmu.edu.