myWilmU Faculty & Staff Accounts

Faculty & Staff Login to myWilmU

Faculty and staff will log in to myWilmU using their full email address (ending in and email password. Faculty and staff login and email accounts are not changing for any new or existing services.

myWilmU login page with faculty credentials screen shot

  • Note: The Change Your Password and Forgot Your Password features are not available for Faculty & Staff.
  • To change your password, use your University-owned computer while on-campus, or use Outlook Web Access.
  • If you forgot your password, please contact the Help Desk.

New! ONE Account for ALL Your Roles

Faculty and staff who are also enrolled students, including work-study students, will access all their student functions in myWilmU without a separate student login account. See information below about what happens when you change status or role at WilmU.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Services in myWilmU

If you belong to more than one of the groups below, you will see all services and content for any group you belong to, by logging in only once, with your same faculty & staff email address.

To see a different page other than the one you see first after login, click
the MyWilmU Menu Button

If you are: in myWilmU you will see

Adjunct Faculty
All course instructors

  • Faculty page(s)
Full-Time Faculty
  • Faculty page(s)
  • Employee page(s)
Full-Time Administrative Staff
  • Employee page(s)
Part-Time Administrative Staff
  • Employee page(s)
Any of the above and also a Student*
  • Page(s) listed for your group above.
  • Student page(s).
Work-Study Student
  • Employee page(s)
  • Student page(s)

* Adding or Changing Your Student Enrollment or Employment Status

If you: And then you... Your experience will be... Your student email will go to...
Start at WilmU as a faculty or staff member Enroll in courses as a student

You will not be issued a myWilmU student email account nor separate student email address.

Your faculty & staff email address will show in your records as your student address.

Your faculty & staff email inbox (
Start at WilmU as a student Begin employment with the University You will be issued a faculty & staff email account. Your student email address will remain active to receive and redirect all new messages to your faculty & staff account. You will no longer have a separate student email account.**

Your faculty & staff email inbox (

as soon as you are issued your faculty & staff email account

Stop your employment at WilmU Stay enrolled as as student

You will be issued a student account at that time. You will no longer have access to your faculty/staff email after your last day of employment.**

Your student email inbox

** We will provide options for you to move or get copies of any email messages from the "removed" account if desired at the time of the status change. These options will vary based upon each individual's situation.