Let us help you excel in your academic pursuits with tutoring. Tutoring services are FREE to all WilmU online and campus students.

Walk-In Tutoring (May 13 - August 15, 2024)


  1. Campus
    Room #
    Day of the Week
    Tutoring Topic
  2. New Castle
    DAC 219
    3pm - 6pm
  3. New Castle
    DAC 219
    3pm - 6pm
  4. New Castle
    DAC 219
    3pm - 6pm
  5. New Castle
    DAC 219
    3pm - 6pm
  6. New Castle
    DAC 219
    3pm - 6pm

Online Tutoring

Schedules of WilmU and Tutor.com professional tutors are available through your Canvas course. Follow the steps below to access Tutor.com to set up a virtual appointment or to drop-in with a Live tutor 24/7.

Follow these simple steps to access online tutoring:

  1. Login to MyWilmU.
  2. Find Canvas and select Login to Canvas.
  3. Select your current course.
  4. On the left-hand side, select "Tutoring"

Click here for more information about Tutor.com or explore some topics directly by visiting:

Other Tutoring Options

ESL Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring by our experienced staff is available for all Wilmington University students seeking assistance with English language skills. Professional tutors at Wilmington University have specialized knowledge of helping students learn English as a second language. To schedule an appointment with one of our tutors, please call the Student Success Center.

ESL tutors can help students:

  • Understand an assignment
  • Organize ideas before or during a writing project
  • Increase English vocabulary
  • Correct grammar issues
  • Document research papers properly to avoid plagiarism
  • Paraphrase authors' ideas so writing and citations respect academic integrity
  • Prepare and practice oral presentations
  • Practice fluency and improve pronunciation

Tutoring Resources

Graduate and Doctoral Resources

Visit the graduate and doctoral student resources page for available services about statistics and APA editing resources.

Click Here for a Copy and Paste Statistics Symbol Sheet!

Success is about having the right support. Let us help!

Our Student Success Specialists can help you with tutoring, assisted technology tools, online resources, and more, so you can build the education plan that works best for you.

Click here for the Student Success Center's main office hours and locations information.