Guide To Classroom Technology

Classroom technology equipment is for use on site at a Wilmington University location only.

Reserving Equipment

Please be sure to reserve the equipment you need at least 2 business days in advance. Equipment is not guaranteed with less than 48 hours notice.

Please specify all dates that you will need the equipment. If you need the equipment for every week of your class, please include that information in the reservation. However, please do not reserve equipment for every class unless you actually need it for every class. We have limited quantities of some equipment, so reserving equipment only when needed will ensure that equipment will be put to best use.

Reserve Equipment

Please Note: Classroom Technology will only take equipment reservations from instructors or University staff. Equipment reservations will not be taken from students. If a student needs AV equipment for a presentation or project, the instructor must make the reservation.

Equipment Delivery

The equipment you’ve requested will be delivered to your classroom and set up by Classroom Technology staff at least 15 minutes prior to class starting time. For modular & weekend classes, equipment will be delivered to your classroom Friday evening and will stay in the room during the weekend.

Equipment Pickup/Return

Equipment will be picked up by CT staff from your classroom at the time the class is scheduled to end. Equipment for modular & weekend classes will be picked up Monday morning. If your class ends more than 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, please submit a request for pickup via the Help Desk Online

Using Audio-Visual Equipment

We assume that you are knowledgeable on the use of any equipment you reserve. If you need instruction on the use of any equipment, please let us know when making the reservation so that we can schedule ample time to help you.

You are responsible for any equipment that you’ve requested or any fixed classroom equipment during class time. Please be sure that any non-fixed equipment is secure if your classroom is unattended at any time during your scheduled class, such as breaks or weekend nights. Support staff in your building or University Safety can assist you in locking/unlocking your classroom if necessary.

Interactive Whiteboards ("Smart" Boards)

Equipment Problems

If you experience problems with any classroom technology during class, including computers, digital projectors, televisions/monitors, video players, etc., please contact Classroom Technology staff immediately via the Help Desk Online or notify the support staff in your building. CT staff will assist you as soon as possible. Please do not remove any equipment from your classroom or swap equipment from other classrooms.