Interactive ("Smart") Whiteboards

What is an Interactive White Board?

Teacher using Smart Board

An Interactive White Board (IWB) allows a presenter to interact with a connected computer from the front of the room using a touch-sensitive whiteboard and stylus (electronic pen). The IWB lets you control the computer, write and save freehand notes on a blank screen the way you might with a traditional whiteboard, or annotate freehand on top of other computer applications (PowerPoint, Web Browsers, or any application).

You may also have heard of these devices as “Smart” Boards. SMART™ Boards are a specific brand of these devices (SMART™ a trademark of Smart Technologies, ULC).

How does the IWB work?

The computer's display is projected onto the IWB by a digital projector. Using either a special stylus or your hand or finger (depending on the specific model), you control and interact with the computer by touching and tapping the whiteboard in the desired location in on the computer's image, instead of clicking and dragging with a mouse.

Why would I use an IWB?

  • IWB's take you out from behind the computer and put you back in front on the classroom while enabling you to still use all the great functionality of the computer.
  • IWB's bring you additional tools and new software for creating engaging classroom experiences for your students.
  • IWB software allows you capture and reuse the great experiences you create in the classroom, whether you've got it all planned out or it happens on-the-fly.

Where can I use an IWB?

Interactive White Boards or similar equipment are installed in the following locations at Wilmington University:

  • New Castle Campus:
    • PEO031 (Computer Lab), PEO213 (Education Curriculum Lab), PEO217, Peoples Library Building
      DAC224, DAC307 (Computer Lab), Doberstein Admissions Center
      SMART™ brand interactive board
  • Dover Campus:

How do I get started?

Request for your class to be scheduled in one of the classrooms listed above from the classroom scheduler at that University location.

Where can I learn how to use the IWB?

Choose one or more of the following options to help you learn this important technology:

  • Explore the online, self-guided learning materials for the IWB brand and model you'll be using
    • There are several brands and models of IWB's at various WU locations. See above for the specific model and links to learning materials for each one. The concept and use of the IWB is basically the same across brands and models, but the software and hardware tools may vary slightly.
  • Schedule some time in in one of the classrooms listed above to get some hands-on time to learn and experiment on your own. Documentation and learning materials are available in the classroom.
  • Attend a scheduled, instructor-led training session at the location where you'll be using the IWB. One-on-one assistance is also available.

Can I use my own laptop with the IWB?

Yes, faculty may request a license to SMART Notebook by contacting

When will the IWB's be more available (more classrooms or more University locations)?

The University is evaluating demand and use of the IWB's we currently have. As demand and use increases, the University will investigate expanding availability of this technology.