Doctor of Social Science in Prevention Science Admission

Upcoming Cohorts:

  • Fall 2021 - Online Cohort (Full and no longer accepting applicants)
  • Spring 2022 - Online Cohort (Now accepting applications)

For consideration and admission to the Doctor of Social Science in Prevention Science program, applicants must present evidence of the following:

1. A Doctoral Application

Create an Admissions Portal Account at Submit an application and supplemental items through the portal. You are able to track the status of all Admissions documents through the portal. Please allow 3-5 business days for the processing of applications and documents.

There is a $35 nonrefundable fee to submit the application.

Download the application materials, including a welcome letter.

2. Official Transcripts (Bachelor's and Master's, listing conferral dates)

  • Electronically or
  • Sent from the school of attendance in a sealed envelope to:

    Wilmington University
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    Wilson Graduate Center
    31 Read's Way
    New Castle, DE 19720

Any transcripts from institutions outside of the United States require an official course-by-course evaluation by a approved agency.

3. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Upload a copy of a current professional Resume or Vitae as either a PDF or Word document in your Admissions Portal Account.

4. Three Letters of Recommendation

Three Letters of Recommendation completed by professionals who can attest to an applicant's aptitude for doctoral-level study, openness to interdisciplinary learning, and professional self-development. Recommendations are to be requested through the Admissions Portal. Delayed recommendation forms/letters will hinder the admissions process. It is suggested you follow-up with your recommendation sources to be sure your recommendations are received in a timely manner.

5. Essay

Please respond to the following statements. Use APA 7th edition writing standards. The response should be a minimum of two full pages (8 ½ x 11) typed, with at least three citations/references.

  1. Describe your professional and personal goals and how they relate to pursuing a doctoral degree and career in prevention science. Include in your essay how your professional and personal life experiences have developed your prevention competencies.
  2. Describe a focus area of prevention and associated research you would like to pursue during the doctoral program. Include examples of evidence-based practices, models, and/or frameworks that are associated with the prevention interest.

Since we do not require standardized test scores as a criteria for admissions, your responses to these questions will weigh significantly in the initial screening process. Responses must meet the minimum of 2 pages to be considered. Please give careful attention to the quality of the content, writing mechanics, and organization of thought.

Upload through the Admissions Portal as either a PDF or Word document.

6. If You are an International Student, Please Click Here for Additional Admission Requirements

The PSC Program highly recommends that all applicants submit a complete application package with all materials, rather than submitting their application in pieces. Following such procedure will ensure a more timely response from the admissions committee.

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