Submitting Your Transcripts

Submitting all your official transcripts* as soon as possible is essential to your success at WilmU.

We must receive all your required transcripts** before you can:

  • Receive financial aid
    We're not able to offer or award any financial aid without having all your required official transcripts.
  • Have your transfer credits evaluated and applied to your degree program
    We can't officially evaluate or apply your previously-earned college credits toward your degree program without all your official transcripts.
  • Enroll in your 3rd term
    We must receive all your required transcripts within two semesters of your first enrollment.

How to Submit Electronic Transcripts (Preferred)

Electronic transcripts should be sent directly from the school of attendance through a third-party verified service (such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment). Emailed copies of transcripts not sent through a third-party verification service are considered unofficial transcripts.

  1. Contact your previous institution.
  2. Have your previous institution send the official electronic transcript to:

How to Submit Paper Transcripts by Mail

  1. Contact your previous institution.
  2. Have your previous institution mail the official paper transcript directly to:
    Wilmington University
    ATTN: Office of Admissions
    320 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720


* What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is a secure document sent directly from the educational institution where a student completed courses.

  • An electronic transcript is only considered official when the electronic document is sent and delivered through a third-party verified service (such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment).
  • A paper transcript is only considered official when sent directly from the school of attendance and delivered unopened (in a tamper-evident, sealed envelope) to Wilmington University.

What is an unofficial transcript?

An unofficial transcript is any copy of your transcript, electronic or paper, that you or any other individual has opened, downloaded, or is otherwise able to be accessed by anyone other than Wilmington University. An unofficial transcript may be helpful for a WilmU specialist or advisor to give you general guidance on getting started at WilmU, but we can't accept it to fulfill your admission requirement, transfer any credits toward your academic program, or award you financial aid.

** How do I know which transcripts I'm required to send?

Transcript requirements vary by academic level or program. For associate and bachelor's degree programs, transcripts from all post-secondary schools and colleges you previously attended are required. For other programs, use the Admission menu on this page to view the requirements by academic level. You may also log in to the Admissions Portal to view your personalized transcript requirements, listed as Supplemental Items.

How long do I have to submit all my required transcripts?

It's best to submit all your required transcripts as soon as you can after submitting an application. All students must submit all official transcripts required for admission to their academic program within the first two semesters of enrollment at Wilmington University. Read our full Transcript Policy.

How long does it take for WilmU to receive my transcripts?

Every institution has different processing times for sending their transcripts. Please contact your previous institution for their estimate of delivery time. Once the official transcript has arrived here at WilmU, it will be added to your admission record within 3-5 business days. You will be notified by email when an official transcript has been added to your file, and you can also track the status of your transcripts along with other required documents in your Admissions Portal.

How do transcript requirements affect my financial aid?

You should apply for financial aid as early as possible by completing the FAFSA because processing your application can take some time. However, we cannot offer or award any federal aid to you, or apply it toward your tuition and fees (your student account), until we've received all your required transcripts.

What is an official Transfer Credit Evaluation?

An official transfer credit evaluation lets you know exactly what course requirements for your academic program are met by courses you previously completed at other schools. It's what allows us to show those courses as complete in your academic record. We can't perform this official evaluation without official transcripts. It's important to have your official transfer credit evaluation complete as early as possible so that you don't risk repeating a class you may have already taken at another school (courses names/titles for the same course don't always obviously match from school to school).