Policy for Admission and Matriculation of Students with Criminal Histories

Who Does This Policy Affect

This policy applies to applicants and students who have been admitted to the University.


Establishes policy and procedure for addressing applicants for admission and admitted students relative to certain prior or pending criminal charges and/or convictions pursuant to Delaware law Title 14 Chapter 90B.

Policy Statement


Wilmington University is dedicated to finding opportunities for all applicants. We are committed to treating applicants with criminal histories with respect and in accordance with all applicable laws. We seek to promote and support a safe and inclusive campus environment and will exercise due diligence in reviewing past criminal convictions or pending charges for stalking and sexual offenses in Delaware, Offenses Listed Here, or under laws of any state or under any military, territorial, foreign, tribal or federal laws that are equivalent to any of these offenses prior to admission to the University. In accordance with Delaware law, these are the only offenses the University will review prior to an admission decision.

Applicants who respond affirmatively to any enumerated prior conviction or pending charge are not automatically barred from admission. Each applicant will be individually reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives from Admissions, University Safety and Student Affairs in accordance with a procedure found here: Admission Requirements for Applicants with Criminal Histories. Applicants will be informed of a decision in writing and will have the opportunity to seek reconsideration of any denial of admission based on an investigation of a conviction or pending charge of any of the offenses identified in this Section.


ALL students should take the time to familiarize themselves with requirements and restrictions that are prerequisites to obtaining certification or licensing required by state and federal law. Certain degrees or programs are designed to prepare a student for a career that requires an occupational license or a teaching certificate, and an individual’s criminal conviction history may impact eligibility to obtain a license or certification and therefore be employed in that field. In addition, certain teacher preparation and other programs may require information pertaining to an applicant’s criminal conviction history to be disclosed to a state agency in connection with a licensing or certification process. It is the responsibility of each applicant and student to review all applicable eligibility requirements related to any relevant degrees or programs, including any license or certification requirements or guidelines related to criminal history.

Certain programs may require additional criminal history screening either by statute or accreditation requirements. Program specific criminal history screening may not occur until a student has completed core academic requirements. Any student whose background includes a criminal conviction or guilty plea should seek career counseling as soon as possible following admission in order that the University may offer assistance to the student in making an informed decision about pursuing such a program.

The University reserves the right to conduct criminal background checks or require additional disclosures of criminal history following admission.

This policy is subject to change/amendment.

Policy Created August 8, 2022

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