Canvas Grading Faculty FAQ

How do I give a student extra submissions on an assignment?

If your student's extra submission/attempt/due date extension is related to an accomodation, please contact Student Accessibility Services if you have any questions regarding the terms of the accomodation. 
  • To allow additional submissions on an assignment:
    • Most assignments have been configured to allow for unlimited submissions. 
    • If your assignment has a limit, you can add submission attempts by editing the assignment. Click on the Edit button on the assignment page:
      screen image indicating the edit button on an assignment
    • Then, scroll down to the Submission Attempts section on the Edit page. You can toggle between Unlimited submissions, and Limited submissions, which requires you to select the number of attempts:
      Screen shot showing how to increase submission attempts 
    • NOTE: You cannot differentiate the number of attempts on an Assignment for students. You can however, differentiate due dates and assignment closing dates for students. 

How do I give a student extra time on a submission?

  1. Click the edit button on the assignment page. This particular assignment is currently set so that all students have the same due date. screen image indicating the edit button on an assignment
  2. Then, scroll down to the Assign to section and click Add:
    Screen image showing the Assign to section of a Canvas Assignment
  3. An additional Assign box will appear. In the Assign to menu, click and scroll down to the student you wish to give extra time to, and select their name. 
    Screen image of Canvas Assignment showing the Assign to box

  4. Then, choose the due date for this particular student. Assigning a different due date to a certain student does not restrict their submissions; it only means that they will not accrue a late penalty until after their due date. If you do not accept late work past a certain date, enter that date in the "Until" box, and the assignment will close on that date. 
    Screen image showing the Assign to box with different due dates.

    Notice that adding another Assign to box changes the wording of the original Assign box to "Everyone Else." This particular assignment is due for Everyone Else in the course on August 22, except for Michael Angelo, whose due date is August 28th. Since there is no Until date selected, all students may submit assignments past the due date. 

How do I grade a resubmission?

When a student resubmits an assignment, the instructor can grade the new submission and select which graded submission will be used in the gradebook. 

On an assignment with only one submission, the instructor will see the following information in Canvas Speedgrader:

Screen image showing Speedgrader view when a student has submitted once.

  1. Submission date and status. 
  2. Name of the file submitted. 
  3. A download button if the instructor wishes to download the student submission. 

When a student submits more than one document, the heading changes to "Submission to view," and the instructor will see the following in Speedgrader:

Screen image of an assignment in Speedgrader with more than one student submission.

  1. Submission date and status
  2. A clickable toggle arrow to select other documents that were submitted. Selecting other documents using this arrow will display them in the Speedgrader window. 

To grade the resubmission, select the resubmission using the toggle arrow. When you choose which document to view, you will see which submission is not graded. If you decide that the student's grade should remain unchanged, you can choose to click the highlighted text "Use this same grade for the resubmission. If you assign a new grade, enter it in the score box. If you use a rubric to regrade, save your rubric assessment to populate the score box. 

Screen image showing Speedgrader options for an assignment with multiple student submissions

How do I give a student extra attempts or time on a quiz?

  1. Navigate to the quiz in Canvas.The view below shows a quiz that has the same due date and same time for all students. To give students extra time or attempts, first click on the "Moderate this Quiz" link:
    Screen image showing quiz details plus the Moderate this Quiz link
  2. After clicking on the Moderate this Quiz hyperlink, you will see the following page. To grant additional time or attempts for a student, click on the pencil icon. You may select multiple students if necessary using the check boxes next to the student names. 
    Screen image of moderate quiz screen
  3.  After clicking the pencil, you will see this pop-up menu. Enter the number of extra attempts and/or time you are granting, and then click Save:
    Pop up window showing attempts and time setting for student quizzes.
  4. After clicking save, you will return to the Moderate this Quiz page and you will be able to view each students' number of attempts and extra time. Click on the pencil icon again if you need to adjust. 
    Moderate quiz page showing differentiated attempts and time for students.
  5. The video below shows how to differentiate a quiz, attempts and time. 


How do I set up an assignment with a incomplete/complete grade?

You may want to set up an assignment to record your students' completion of certain tasks, such as attending a meeting or completing an agreement, where a numeric grade is not appropriate. For these assignments, you can choose to issue a complete or incomplete grade status to your students. 
  1. Create an assignment from the module by clicking the plus sign on the module: 
    Screen image showing where to add an item in a Canvas module.
  2. In the pop-up menu box, choose Assignment in the top window and then select "Create Assignment in the box below. Give your assignment a name, and then click the "Add Item" button. 
    Screen image showing assignment configuration.
  3. Now that you have added the assignment, click on the assignment name from the module to edit the assignment. Add your instructions, add points if you want, and then select "Complete/Incomplete" in the "Display Grade as" section. 
    Screen image showing the Display Grade As drop down menu


How do I allow students with an incomplete to submit work from a previous block or term? And then how do I grade it?

You may need to grade work in a course from a previous term for students who have received an Incomplete. If you need to grade work, or if a student needs to submit work after the course ends, you will need to adjust the course access dates. 

  1. First, locate your course under past enrollments:
    • Click on Courses in the Global menu. 
    • Scroll down and click on All Courses. 
    • On the All Courses page, scroll down to Past Enrollments and click on the course that you need to grade or have students submit work. You are not able to add a past enrollment course to your dashboard. 
  2. Next, click on the course.
  3. Then, click on course Settings in the course menu. 
    Canvas Course Menu showing where to click for Course Settings.
  4. Under Settings, first change the course Participation from Term to Course by clicking on the toggle arrow and selecting Course.
     Screen image showing how to change Participation to Course from Term.
  5. Then, set the course to end on date in the future. Clicking on the calendar icon will open a calendar for you to choose a date.
    Screen image showing where to enter course closing date.
  6. Click Update Course Settings at the bottom of the page to save your changes. Now the course will be active for students to submit and for you to grade. If your student's grade changes, you will need to submit an Official Grade Change Form. 


How do I enable enhanced Gradebook Filters?

As of 3/2/22, faculty now have the option to enable enhanced filters in Canvas gradebooks:

  1. On a Canvas course menu, click “Settings”
  2. Click the “Feature Options” tab
  3. Click the State icon to the right of “Enhanced Gradebook Filters”
  4. Click “Enabled”

 How do I enable enhanced Gradebook Filters

Examples of Gradebook Filters

Examples of Gradebook Filters 1

Examples of Gradebook Filters Assignment Group