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The course readiness checker is a new feature in Canvas that provides instructors with key reminders of things to do to prepare their course for the start of term. The course readiness checker currently checks for:

  • An announcement is posted in the course
  • Due dates have been set for assignments
  • The syllabus file on the syllabus page has been updated

To ensure good care of our students, all instructors should follow the teaching expectations set by Academic Affairs to setup and maintain courses. Please note, this course readiness checker tool does not currently check for all teaching expectations and it is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure they are fully meeting the teaching expectations.


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Automated Checklist

The course readiness checker will automatically check the following:

  • Course announcement
    • If there is a course announcement has been posted by someone that is enrolled as a "Teacher" in the course.
  • Assignment due dates
    • If all assignments that affect the final course grade have been assigned a due date.
  • Syllabus
    • If the syllabus page has a link with the word "syllabus" AND the link is for a file that was uploaded by the teacher in the course.
    • Be sure to review the teaching expectations for the information that should be included in the syllabus when it is updated. 
    • This feature does not currently verify that all the required information has been added to the course syllabus file embedded on the syllabus page.

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Top of Course Home Page

At the top of the course home page, there will be alerts for things to do if they have not yet been completed.

  • Once a requirement is met it will no longer show an alert message for it. 
  • Once all requirements are met, it will no longer show at the top of the course home page.

Example when all requirements are remaining to complete:

All requirements still remaining

Example when only the assignment due dates remain to be completed:

course readiness to do list with one requirement remaining

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Right-Side of Course Home Page

On the right-side of the course home page, there will be a course readiness checklist that loads in. 

  • If a requirement has been completed, it will be green and display a relevant message about what is complete. 
  • If a requirement still needs to be completed, it will be red and display a relevant message about what is incomplete.
  • This will always show, even after all requirements are met.

Example when all requirements are incomplete:

course readiness checklist-none met

Example when only due dates are incomplete:

course readiness checklist-one incomplete

Example when all requirements are complete:

course readiness checklist-all complete

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  • Share your feedback on the course readiness checker using the Canvas Feedback form
  • If you are having technical issues using Canvas, please contact the Help Desk.

Disclaimer: This feature required custom coding and is maintained at the university level. It may break (temporarily or permanently) after future updates to Canvas. This will not affect the state of your course(s), but it may interfere with receiving these reminder alerts when accessing your course(s).

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