Faculty Profile

Sylvia Brooks

Sylvia Brooks

Adjunct Program Coordinator, ARTC Coach

College of Education and Liberal Arts


Adjunct Instructor

Ed.D., Wilmington University

M.Ed., Cheyney State University

B.S., Delaware State University


(College of Education) in 2006.  From 2007 to 2011, she served as Chair and from 2011 to 2017 she served as Assistant Chair, Office of Clinical Studies.  Dr. Brooks was also an Associate Professor in the College of Education.  In 2017, Dr. Brooks retired and continued as an Adjunct Program Coordinator.  She currently serves as an Adjunct Coach in the ARTC program. 

Dr. Brooks holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Delaware State University, a master’s degree in Special Education from Cheyney State University, and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University.  She is certified in Special Education and School Leadership.  Dr. Brooks has taught Special Education in Delaware and Pennsylvania K-12 schools. 

Prior to joining Wilmington University, Dr. Brooks had a variety of other experiences such as:  Faculty Director of Abroad Programs in South Africa, Panama, and Scotland; Coordinator/Director of the ASPIRE Program (a recruitment and retention program for the underrepresented in teacher education); Special Education Methods Placement Coordinator; and Student Teacher Supervisor.