Immersive Year-Long Residency Program

Teacher-Prep students seeking a deeper clinical residency experience may pursue candidacy in the College of Education’s full-immersion Year-Long Residency (YLR) Co-Teaching Program.

How Does It Work?

Teacher candidates are placed with mentor teachers in select partner schools. In this placement, the candidate co-teaches with their mentor over the entire school year, from “Meet the Teacher” night until the last day of school.

Elementary Teacher Prep: Co-teach in the four core subject areas (Reading/LA, Science, Math and Social Studies).

Middle/Secondary Level Teacher Prep: Co-teach in the candidate’s content area of specialty.

Special Education Teacher Prep: Co-teach in the candidate’s content area of specialty and within a special education setting.

The immersive co-teaching approach provides a true-to-life teaching experience and prepares candidates to competently manage their own classrooms immediately upon graduation.  Candidates are involved in all teacher-related activities throughout the year, including:

  • District-run meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Field trips
  • School functions
  • Extra-curricular programs
  • Professional development trainings

Why Participate in the YLR Program?

In short, research shows that the yearlong co-teaching model provides the best clinical experience available to future teachers; however, there are clear benefits for all stakeholders.

For candidates, the program’s 200+ days of learning best-practice methodology/pedagogy, as well as authentic lesson planning, differentiating instruction, and assessment of student learning, in a field-based setting provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain and apply skills and knowledge with immediate feedback and support from a seasoned mentor teacher.

Mentor teachers benefit from the support of a qualified co-teacher who can instruct small groups and lead RTI, resulting in twice the amount of targeted classroom instruction for their students. Mentor teachers also receive stipend pay and professional development opportunities as Wilmington University adjunct professors.

Partner schools and their districts benefit immensely from the cost-effective employment pipeline this program provides. WilmU’s YLR Program currently holds a 100% hire rate, with all participants having been hired in either the school or district wherein their residency took place. And because of their enhanced clinical experience, upon graduation, YLR Program candidates are regarded as highly qualified second-year teachers, able to handle more challenging environments.

Local communities and Delaware residents reap the rewards of top quality new educators choosing to teach in Delaware schools, enriching the lives of our youth and working to increase student achievement.


Year-Long Clinical Residency Articles

Wilmington University’s College of Education has partnered with the state of Delaware to establish a new program that affords students valuable experiences via a yearlong clinical teacher residency.

What Are the Next Steps?

Admittance to the YLR Program is a selective process, which includes an application and interview.

Interested candidates should contact the College of Education for more information and to indicate their interest.


Dr. Stacie Zdrojewski
Chair, Clinical Studies