Adjunct Faculty Promotion

Faculty are divided into two major groups; ranked and unranked. Ranked faculty are full-time employees appointed to one of four academic ranks: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor or Professor Emeritus. Unranked faculty are hired on a course by course contract and are appointed one of two titles: Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Professor.

Promotion to Adjunct Professor recognizes excellence in teaching to which Wilmington University is committed. Promotion normally is initiated by the adjunct faculty member, but the Program Chair and/or Dean also can prompt the process. To initiate the process, submit a letter of application to the Chair of the program in which you teach.  If you teach for more than one program, or more than one College, you may choose either program/College to initiate the process.

After the letter of application has been received and approved, most Colleges require the preparation of a portfolio to demonstrate your accomplishments in eight areas. (Your College will determine the method to be used for submission of your portfolio and will provide you with the promotion criteria). The Program Chair and promotion committee will review the portfolio and supporting documentation/information. The final recommendation is submitted to the Dean of the College.

Considerations for promotion to Adjunct Professor include the following criteria:

Teaching Quality

In 6 of the last 8 IDEA Diagnostic Reports, the applicant’s Converted Average Summary Evaluation ratings were at least in the “Similar” range compared to the IDEA Database; preferably, the ratings would be 50 or higher. Exceptions to this requirement will be considered if alternative evaluations are utilized.

Experience at WU

Minimum of 4 successive years at WU (immediately prior to applying for promotion) and a minimum of 20 courses taught at WU. Exceptions to this requirement will be considered if particular courses are offered infrequently. Post-secondary teaching at other colleges/universities may be considered by the Dean in lieu of experience at WU.

Adherence to WU policies and procedures

  • Syllabi consistently submitted on time
  • Grades consistently submitted on time
  • Outcomes Assessment data consistently submitted on time
  • Grading in accordance with WU guidelines

Use of technology

  • Successful completion of Blackboard training
  • Integration of Blackboard features into teaching/managing courses
  • Utilization of other technology in the classroom
  • Utilization of Wilmington University email

Professional growth in post-secondary teaching

  • Regular attendance at WU Faculty Development Days
  • Regular attendance at other WU programs for enhancement of teaching
  • Regular attendance at non-WU programs for enhancement of teaching
  • Regular attendance at College and Discipline meetings

Professional growth in field of expertise

  • Attainment of a Master’s or higher degree in field of expertise
  • Professional recognition from the private sector.
  • Attendance at professional events/conferences related to subjects taught at WU.

Service/attention to students


  • Effectively managed student issues and complaints
  • Available outside of class time
  • Wrote letters of recommendation
  • Received notes/letters of appreciation from WU students.

Contributions to Wilmington University


  • Representative on Faculty Senate with regular attendance and active participation on Senate Committees
  • Assistance in initiating or revising courses
  • Participation in the Outcomes Assessment process
  • Workshop presentations at Faculty Development Days
  • Participation on committees other than Faculty Senate Committees
  • Represented WU at off-campus events
  • Assisted with or presented at WU-sponsored events, e.g., art exhibits, symposia
  • Has taught a variety of courses at WU
  • Has been willing to teach at a number of locations
  • Has been willing to teach in non-traditional formats and times

Concurrence for the promotion by

  • Program Chair
  • College Promotion Committee
  • College Dean

Supporting information/documentation must be assembled according to college protocol