Audio and Video Capture

Video Capture is a service provided by Educational Technology and University Relations to have a videographer record special events when a video reproduction of the event is needed for future use.

Audio & Video Capture

What events can be recorded?

  • Events pertaining to Wilmington University and its interests, and course related special presentations and guest speakers.
  • Special Presentations
  • Course-related Guest Speakers and other instructional topics
  • Special purpose events (such as the Hoopfest, non-course related Guest Speakers, etc.)

    This service is NOT for recording student presentations.


Multimedia Project Request


Course related projects will be handled by the Educational Technology Department. Non-course related events will be handled by the University Relations department.

For assistance in deciding if this service is right for your event, you may contact or fill out the project request form.

Please request service by filling out the form at least 3 weeks before the event. A staff member will then contact you to verify availability of this service.

Following the event, the footage will be edited and then uploaded to a video sharing web site. This process will take approximately 3-6 weeks, depending on the queue of projects. Once your video is ready, we will send you a link so you can share the video via email, Twitter, or embed it directly on a web page or Canvas.

In the case of guest speakers and special presentations, all presenters appearing on camera (other than incidental background appearances) MUST fill out a release form found here. This form must be filled out for each presenter or speaker who will appear on camera. Completed forms must be filled out and emailed back to prior to the scheduled event. No event can be captured unless completed release forms have been returned.