Synchronous Classes

Synchronous classes are those that require students and instructors to be online at the same time.

Through the use of Zoom in any Canvas course, this technology is easy to use and access in a familiar web conference format.  This technology allows students to see, hear, and interact with students in the face-to-face classroom. Synchronous classes are available as part of WilmU's Flexible and Online Live modality .

The following are guidelines for students that are enrolled in Flexible or Synchronous classes as part of their program :

  1. Be prepared for synchronous sessions by having access to and properly set up computer equipment and USB headphones/microphone for each session.
  2. Be proactive about seeking help from the instructor regarding course issues and technical troubleshooting.
  3. Be open-minded and share my own ideas as well as listen to ideas that others share about themselves and my work even when at times they may be difficult advice.
  4. Be able to take the time to think before responding to others.
  5. Be responsive and communicative to other participants through email, asynchronous discussion, and synchronous discussion.
  6. Be open to comments from other participants, and do not assume that they are negative, instead assume that they are positive and supportive.
  7. Be self-disciplined and take charge of managing my own learning by making the time to read, participate, and reflect on course activities.
  8. Be honest, respectful, and open while interacting with other participants.
  9. Side discussions during synchronous sessions are welcome in this course as long as they do not disrupt anyone’s work. When participants of the side discussions determine that their conversation would benefit the entire class one of the participants need to raise their hand to make others aware of the side discussion content.
  10. Use the video feature. This will help give you the opportunity to develop a stronger connection with each other.