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What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a tool to create interactive, multimedia, threaded, asynchronous discussions integrated into courses within Canvas. The primary 3 methods that Instructors utilize VoiceThread Assignments are: 
  • Create your own VoiceThread
  • Commenton a VoiceThread (instructor created content or fellow classmate's presentation)
  • Watch a VoiceThread (lesson presentation or flipped classroom design)

VoiceThreads can be used for interactive discussion boards, student presentations, quizzes and tests, demonstrations, flipped classroom design, feedback on a paper, debates, and portfolios.

VoiceThread Resources for Students

As a student, your instructor might assign you to create, comment or watch a VoiceThread. The following quick-start guide includes instructions on how to complete each of these options. You can also reference the following instructional videos. If you’re having difficulties reach out to our Multimedia Team for help: multimedia@wilmu.edu

VoiceThread Resources for Instructors


VoiceThread Training Course

Our Multimedia team offers a 3-week cohort style training for Instructors. Instructors will explore the various ways in which VT is used for discussions, presentations, and flipped-classroom design while practicing their skills in creating both basic and complex VoiceThreads. Instructors will learn how to facilitate the use of VoiceThread through encouraging valuable interaction among students and grading using quality rubrics.

See what other instructors are saying about this training!

  • I was skeptical about VT. I had gone through the training before and never really understood how it worked. After taking the training and completing the assignments, as well as viewing the other faculty members' VTs, I found ideas on how it could be used more effectively to increase student engagement.
  • Great Course. VT seems to be a tool that will bring more personalization to our distant learning format. I also see it as a plus in that it will help our students with distance collaboration in their workplace.
  • "If you've heard of VoiceThread but don't really know what you might do with it or how it might help you as a teacher, you need to take this course. My initial impression was that it was just another communication tool, but it's actually a whole lot more. There are so many ways you can use VoiceThread to enhance your lessons--whether you are teaching online or in class! It's as close to "real time" as you can get without actually being with your class in a classroom."

Register for the training on the Faculty Workshop Calendar.

Instructors can utilize the following Quick Start Guides to reference how to build VT assignments in Canvas, utilize the Student Gallery Feature, and create or share VoiceThread content.

Getting Started Guide for Instructors (Canvas)

VoiceThread Grading for Instructors (Canvas)

Setting-up VoiceThread Group Assignments (Canvas)

Instructor Questions

Instructors should contact our Multimedia Team at multimedia@wilmu.edu for questions on using VoiceThread or incorporating it into your course design.