Withdrawing from a Course

Policy Ending Summer 2015

See the policy effective Fall 2015 and later.

Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty prior to the course withdrawal deadline stated in the University academic calendar, semester guide, and on our website. In addition, as outlined by the academic calendar, students may receive a percentage of tuition credit when the withdrawal is processed.

Please refer to the Changing your Course Schedule page for a full list of drop/add and withdrawal deadlines in the current term..

Students may conclude payment arrangements at the time of withdrawal or continue to be billed under the existing payment plan agreement. Course withdrawals may be completed through WebCampus, or by submitting an official Withdrawal Form by mail or by fax to the Office of the Registrar or to the student’s home site office. Students who choose to fax or mail withdrawal forms are responsible for calling the appropriate office to verify receipt of the request.

Official withdraws result in the recording of a grade of “W” on the student’s transcript and carries no academic penalty.  Failure to withdraw prior to the deadline will result in the grade of “FA” or “NA”, which will have a negative impact on the student’s GPA.

Withdrawing from a course may affect a student's financial aid. For more information about the impact of withdrawing on financial aid, click here.

Wilmington University will consider employer/medical-based withdrawals on a per course basis and entire semester basis. Students are required to complete the Withdrawal Form and submit it as stated above. In addition, a typed letter explaining the employer/medical conditions that warrants a withdrawal and supporting documents from an employer or doctor (on professional letterhead) is to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for consideration.  A committee will meet bi-monthly to consider all requests.  The decision of this committee is final.

Modular Drop/Add and Modular Withdrawal

Modular adds must be completed before the first class meeting. Modular drops must be completed by the Monday following the first class meeting. Modular withdrawals must be completed by the Friday following the first class meeting. Failure to withdraw before the withdrawal deadline results in a grade of “FA” or “NA.”