Changing Your Course Schedule

Making changes to your course schedule after you’ve registered or started your courses for each term can be confusing. How and when can you remove a course from your schedule and how much money you get back depends on how far into the course (or term) you are.

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Add or Switch

You can add a course to your schedule or switch the course section anytime prior to the start date of a course, and in some cases up to one week after the course start date.


Full Refund—No Academic Record

You may drop a course up to a certain date for a full refund without the course ever appearing on your transcript. After the drop deadline, you must officially withdraw from a class to avoid a failing grade.


No GPA Penalty (before withdrawal deadline)

After the drop deadline, you must withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline to avoid receiving a grade of FA  (equivalent to an F in your GPA). An official course withdrawal appears on your transcript as a grade W, which does not factor into your GPA.