Computer Use Policy

Wilmington University policy requires that the computer equipment and facilities owned or leased by the University and supplied for student use NOT be used in any of the following manners or for any of the following purposes:

  • For any activity that violates Federal, State, or local laws.
  • For any activity that threatens the safety, well being, or integrity or any other person.
  • For any activity that results in unauthorized alteration or disclosure of confidential data.
  • For any activity that offends, degrades, debases, or threatens another person.
  • For any activity contrary to standards of decency (i.e., hate sites).
  • Accessing any pornographic or otherwise x-rated sites, materials, photos, or emails.
  • For any activity that would damage the good name and reputation of Wilmington University.
  • Causing the downloading, bookmarking, or transmission of pornographic materials, photos, or emails to another computer either on or off site, including one in which the student has some proprietary or other possessory interest.

Students are required to sign in using the Wilmington University email and password. It is presumed that any activity conducted once a student is logged on, was caused by that individual. Students who permit others to use their log-in information shall be held equally, if not more accountable than the offending party. You are strongly advised to protect your privacy, integrity,
and dignity by not permitting others to use your access codes.

The same prohibitions apply to students using a personal computer and accessing the Internet via Wilmington University’s Wi-Fi network.