Physical Health & Wellness Resources

Through our 'Live Well to Learn Well' programming, Wilmington University is committed to providing students, faculty and staff with resources and services to serve the health and wellness needs of our community.

Please see COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for all on-campus classes, services, and visitors.


CampusWell is an online magazine (provided by College Health Services, LLC) comprised of 10 digital editions every month from September through June each school year. Issues contain articles related to total health and wellness and often feature information on good study habits, restorative sleep, healthy relationships, exercise and nutrition. Digital versions of the magazine are also available. Students are strongly encouraged to read the magazine and then take the survey. Once they take the survey, they are automatically entered into the monthly drawing of at least $1,000.

Smoke-Free Resources

Quitting smoking is not easy, and you don't have to do it alone. Click the link for a list of resources available to help you succeed.

Local Wellness Programs

This list provides links to nearby support groups, CPR classes, recreational leagues and much more.

Christiana Care Health System: Health and Wellness

Find links for Cancer support groups, community events, conferences, Diabetes education, First Aid & CPR classes, health & wellness Classes, nutrition workshops, parenting and pregnancy classes, screenings, and weight management classes that are offered to the community. Most classes are free to attend.

New Castle County Happenings Guide

Sections of this guide and website include information on sports and athletics (basketball leagues, soccer leagues, volleyball leagues), community and recreation centers (which offer free and affordable programs such as fitness classes, open gym time, yoga, dancing and more), and Carousel Park (which offers Zumba and fitness classes).

Wilmington Parks and Recreation Events

The Recreation division is responsible for sports and recreational activities including martial arts, basketball leagues, tennis, Frisbee league, football, golf, track & field, softball, chess, billiards, swimming, women’s tackle football and an all-season awards banquet. Parks and Rec is also responsible for a number of special activities such as The Wilmington Games, 5K Run/Walk Race, Senior Health Day and summer park camp activities.

Delaware Tourism: Outdoor Recreation

Discover Delaware's natural beauty and invigorating outdoor recreational activities. Visitors can walk along sandy beach trails, take in spectacular views on a hayride, or kayak through the First State's historic waterways.

Community Service Opportunities

Click above to find a list of organizations for which you many want to volunteer your skills and time. Contact the organization directly to schedule your volunteer opportunity. Additionally, many of our student clubs and organizations perform community service throughout the year!