Payment Information

Note: Wilmington University does not mail monthly billing statements.

New Policies for 2017-2018 Academic Year

The information on this page reflects new policies, schedules, and procedures effective for Fall 2017 and future terms.

Financial Commitment

Wilmington University requires all students to enroll in the University’s payment plan unless the term’s tuition/fess are covered 100% by financial aid or an acceptable 3rd party. See Payment Arrangements below for a description of options for completing the financial commitment.

All students must have their full student account balance paid for the current term by a specific date ( listed below) and prior to registering for the following term.

  • A student with an outstanding balance for the current or prior terms will be placed on financial hold prior to the start of registration for the following term.

Financial Deadlines for the 2018-19 Academic Year

Term Term Start Date Full Term Account Balance Due
Fall 2018 September 04, 2018 October 15, 2018
Spring 2019 January 14, 2019 February 15, 2019
Summer 2019 May 13, 2019 June 15, 2019

Payment Arrangements

  1. Pay in Full
    • You may your full student account balance for each term at any time after registration or by the financial commitment deadline for the upcoming term. No additional payment plan fees apply. See Making Payments below.
    • Full payment includes tuition and any fees, including:
      • Admission ($35.00, if not already paid)
      • Registration ($25.00)
      • All lab or course fees (varies according to which courses registered. See Laboratory and Course Fees for more information).
  2. Select a University Payment Plan

    All students not paying in full at the time of registration as outlined above, including those with employer reimbursement or those with authorized financial aid, must select an option for the University's payment plan. There is a $20 fee for use of the payment plan. For more information about the University's payment plans, see Payment Plans. Also see Making Payments below.

  3. Submit a Third-Party Billing Authorization Letter

    If your employer pays Wilmington University directly for all or part of your tuition and fees, you must submit a Third-Party Billing Authorization letter from your employer for each term you enroll . See Third-Party Billing for more information and instructions.

  4. About Financial Aid

    If you have completed your application and accepted your award for Financial Aid for the academic year, your authorized aid will be reflected on your student account balance, reducing the amount you owe accordingly. If your financial aid award is less than your total tuition and fees, or account balance, you are still obligated for the remaining balance, and must still choose one of the financial commitment options listed above (1-3).

  5. About G.I. Bill, Veterans Affairs, or Other Funding Sources

    If you are receiving benefits for your current or completed military service through Veterans' Affairs, or are receiving funds paid directly to Wilmington University from other organizations or funding sources that covers your entire tuition and fees for any term, your benefits or funds must be confirmed and authorized by the deadline. If these funding sources do not cover your entire tuition and fees, or account balance, you are still obligated for the remaining balance, must still choose of of the financial commitment options listed above (1-4).

Making Payments

Payments are accepted via major credit card (online or on-campus), personal check (on-campus only), or direct bank draft (online only). Some University locations do not accept cash payments.

Pay Online via myWilmU

You can make payments online 24/7 via myWilmU, using the myWilmU Payment Center. See Your Student Account below for how to access myWilmU. Payments made via the myWilmU Payment Center are credited to the student's account the same business day.

New for Fall 2017!

Designate an Authorized User

  • The myWilmU Payment Center enables students to designate another person (such as a parent or guardian), called an authorized user, to view account balance and bills, and make payments on the student's behalf.
  • Authorized users will have their own, separate username and password to login directly the myWilmU Payment Center (not via myWilmU) using the link below. Students should not share their myWilmU login credentials with others.
  • Even when designating an authorized user, eBills will still be sent to the student's email address, and the student is still responsible for making payments and satisfying all financial obligations.
  • Visit the myWilmU Payment Center for instructions and more information on setting up an authorized user.


  • This login is ONLY for Authorized Users who are not WilmU students.
  • Students should NOT use this link to login to the myWilmU Payment Center. Students should go to their myWilmU home page.
  • A WilmU student MUST perform the setup for an Authorized User before an Authorized User can log in.

Save Payment Information and Schedule Payments

  • The myWilmU Payment Center enables students or their authorized users to save payment information (credit card or direct-draft from a bank account) and schedule future payments.
  • Visit the myWilmU Payment Center for instructions and more information.

Pay On-Campus

You may make payments on-campus at the Student Financial Services office (New Castle Campus, Doberstein Admissions Center) or the student services office at other University locations. Payments made on-campus may not be posted to the student's account until the next business day (excludes University holidays or other days University administrative offices are closed).

Your Student Account

Students must keep their student account current (in good standing) at all times. Your student account is considered current if your account balance is $0.00 for the current term, or if you are enrolled in the University payment plan and have no overdue payments.

You can check your student account balance, view eBills, and make payments online 24/7 using myWilmU.

  1. Log in to myWilmU.
  2. Click the Financial Aid & Pay Bill toolbar icon or in the menu to view your account balance, view eBills, and make payments.

Financial Holds

Students who do not maintain their student account as current will be placed on financial hold once per term, prior to the start of registration for the upcoming term. This financial hold will prevent:

  • Enrollment for the upcoming term, and all future terms,*
  • Petition for graduation and degree conferral,
  • Release of academic records or documents, such as grade reports, transcripts, or diplomas,
  • Access to most academic and student services for future terms.

*A student with an outstanding account balance of $400.00 or less will be enabled to enroll for an upcoming term. However, the financial hold will be still be applied, preventing or limiting access to all other services listed above.

The University reserves the right to withhold a transcript or diploma from any student who has outstanding financial obligations.


Please call Student Services at (302) 356-4636.