Student Financial Responsibility/Promise to Pay Terms

As part of the enrollment and registration process at Wilmington University, I agree to the following:

Financial Account

I am responsible for the payment of all fees and charges incurred on my WU student account. If fees and charges are not paid in full, WU may refer these amounts to an external collection agency.

I understand that it is my responsibility to review my WU Account Statement and make a payment by the published due date.

Additionally, it is my responsibility to drop or withdraw myself from classes and failure to drop or withdraw in a timely manner does not relieve me from the financial responsibility to WU for tuition and fees. Further, non-attendance does not relieve me from my financial responsibility.

I understand that I am responsible for enrolling in Wilmington University's payment plan immediately following registration unless:

  • I chose to pay in full within 24 hours of registering.
  • I have sufficient financial aid to cover my term’s charges and have accepted my offer.
  • I am receiving 100% coverage from a 3rd party and I have submitted an authorization of said coverage.
  • If you are utilizing Guild as your payer, we will receive payment (based on your benefit) on your behalf when all requirements are met.

I further understand that if I have a balance, and do not meet the exclusions above, I will be administratively placed on the payment plan within 48 hours of registration. If I am administratively placed on the payment plan I will incur the payment plan fees.

We encourage you to register early for classes to ensure that you are provided with the maximum number of monthly installments possible. Additionally, having your documents (financial aid and/or employer authorization) submitted in advance of registration will minimize your chance of being placed on the payment plan.