Groupwork in Canvas

What are groups in Canvas?

Groups serve as mini-courses within a larger class, facilitating collaborative efforts among students on group projects and assignments. Typically comprising three to four students, these groups offer a platform for collective work and shared learning experiences.

How to initiate virtual group work? 

If your teacher has set up groups in your Canvas course, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "People" link on the course menu to view the other students in your group

  2. Click the "Groups" tab

  3. Click the "Visit" link to access your group. Learn more about how to interact with your Canvas Group

 Access Groups dialog

 Guidelines for Facilitating Virtual Group Collaboration:

  1. Initiate Communication: Reach out to your group promptly to coordinate a meeting time.

  2. Collaboration Method: Unless instructed otherwise by your teacher, decide as a team on your preferred mode of collaboration.

  3. Zoom Online Meeting Platform: Utilize Zoom for its convenience, as all students have access to it through their accounts.

  4. Meeting Setup: Utilize your Zoom account to schedule and organize meetings, considering recording options for absent group members.

  5. Divide Responsibilities: Adopt a divide-and-conquer approach, assigning each member a specific task within the project.

  6. Communication Channels: Maintain open lines of communication with your instructor, seeking clarification or addressing any concerns that arise throughout the process.