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Attendance Policy

In fall 2012, Wilmington University made a change to the attendance policy in order to encourage continued successful progress towards students’ goal of graduation. Attendance is tracked during each session, and the following administrative action will be taken as a result of unexcused absences.

As part of the attendance policy, students who have missed the first two sessions of a course will be administratively dropped from that course. Being administratively dropped from a course may have unintended consequences on a student’s financial aid and/or standing with the University.

Wilmington University expects students to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences. Students must communicate with their instructor should a situation arise that would prevent them from coming/participating in class. Ultimately, students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from courses they plan not to attend.

Attendance Policy FAQs


Why is this policy in place?

Data from Wilmington University and other colleges around the country shows that students who miss the first two class meetings have a lower chance of success. The policy is effective Fall 2012 to help students who may be falling behind early in the course.

What is an administrative drop?

An administrative drop is completed by the Registrar’s Office when an instructor indicates that a student did not attend the first two class meetings. The course is removed from the student’s schedule and the student will no longer have access to course materials in myWilmU and Blackboard.

How will the University know if I did not attend class?

Instructors are required to submit attendance records after each class meeting.

How will I be notified that I've been administratively dropped from a course?

The Office of the Registrar will notify you by e-mail to your student myWilmU e-mail account when you have been administratively dropped from a course. Please be sure you are regularly checking your student e-mail account by logging onto myWilmU or using your e-mail software for your computer or mobile device.

Will I be dropped from all of my classes?

You will only be dropped from the class or classes in which instructor(s) have indicated that you missed the first two class meetings.

Will I get my money back if I am administratively dropped?

You are not financially responsible for the tuition, but you are responsible for application and registration fees. Only your tuition will be refunded.

I am receiving financial aid. If I am administratively dropped, will that affect my financial aid?

The drop may affect your financial aid, especially if you drop below full-time or half-time status. If you are dropped, you should contact Financial Aid to better understand the impact.

I am taking an online class. How is attendance determined?

For online courses, students will be marked absent if they do not participate in assigned activities. If this is the case for the first two weeks as identified by the instructor, the student will be administratively dropped.

I am taking a modular/semester/block course. How does this policy work for each format?

Students are dropped if they miss the first two class meetings, regardless of the format.

What if I miss two classes later on in the block?

You will not be administratively dropped. Remember attendance is one of the keys to academic success so your grade may be negatively impacted.

Will I be administratively dropped if I miss any two meetings of the course in which I’m enrolled?

You will only be dropped from the course if you miss the first two consecutive class meetings. However, missing class meetings can have a negative effect on your learning and grade.

What if I have been dropped from my class and want to take it?

After being dropped because of non-attendance at the first two class meetings, you can call the Office of the Registrar at 302-356-4636 and express your intent to remain in the class.  The Office of the Registrar will review your request with your faculty member to determine whether or not you may be reenrolled for the course.  We want to make sure that you are able to be successful in the course after missing a few class meetings.

What if I add the class late?

If you add a class late, you will be marked absent for the week that you missed; even if that class met before you registered.


Where do I input attendance?

Instructors should input attendance on myWilmU. View the tutorial video.

When should I submit attendance?

Attendance should be submitted no later than three days of each class meeting.

Why do I have to submit attendance?

Student attendance is a predictor of academic success. Tracking attendance helps the University look for patterns in the hope of developing initiatives to help students succeed. The success of the policy of administratively dropping students who miss the first two class sessions is reliant on faculty participation. Attendance submission is also a federal requirement for the disbursement of student aid.

What if a student misses the first two class sessions but I approve it?

In accordance with University policy, students who miss the first two class meetings should be marked as absent. In extreme circumstances, an instructor may mark the student as excused to prevent him or her from being dropped.

What if a student adds the class late?

If the student misses a class because he or she added it late, that student should be marked absent for the week.

What if I have to cancel class?

In light of the Cyber day policy, attendance can be submitted for the given week based on online assignments.

Will I be notified if a student has been administratively dropped from my course?

Yes. The office of the registrar will notify you by e-mail to your Wilmington University faculty e-mail account.

How does this work with semester/modular/online/block courses?

Students will be administratively dropped if they do not attend the first two sessions of a course. This is the first two meetings regardless of course format. For online courses, students should be marked absent if they do not log on and/or participate in assigned activities.

What if all of my students attend every week?

Still log onto the myWilmU portal and submit your attendance. This lets the University know that you are actively participating in attendance tracking and it ensures that students’ financial aid will be disbursed. Failure to submit attendance will prevent students from receiving federal aid for the course.

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