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Wilmington University's career-oriented bachelor's degree programs emphasize in-demand knowledge and skills that employers need, taught by faculty who are practitioners in their fields. Most programs can accept up to 90 transfer credits, or entire associate's degrees to help you complete your degree with the credit you've already earned.


Accounting & Finance

Applied Technology

Behavioral Science

BSN to MSN Accelerated Option

Business Analytics

Business Management

   Professional Aeronautics

Career and Technical Education


   Integrated Marketing Communication

   Media Communication

Computer and Network Security

   Digital Forensics

Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Education (Licensure/Certification)

   Elementary Education (Grades K-6)

   Middle Level Education (Grades 6-8)

Education Studies

   Early Childhood Education

   Elementary Education (K-6)

   Middle Level Education (Grades 6-8)

   Skilled and Technical Sciences

Environmental Science and Policy


Game Design and Development

Government and Public Policy

Health Sciences

Health Sciences to MSM or MBA Healthcare Administration Concentration Accelerated Option

Human Resource Management

Legal Studies

Liberal Studies


Media Design

   Digital Publishing



Nursing (RN To BSN)

   Accelerated RN to BSN

Organizational Dynamics

Pre-RN Option


Sports Management

Video and Motion Graphics

   Digital Film-Making

   Motion Graphics and 3D

   Visual Effects


Earn your associates degree to put you on your way in your career and on the path to further your education.

Applied Technology

Liberal Studies (Associate of Arts)

Media Design


Wilmington University certificate programs teach you the subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or to simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today. Many WilmU certificates can be completed online or at several of our face-to-face locations.

Undergraduate Certificates

Accounting Review (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Applied Business Statistics (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Applied Statistics for the Social Sciences (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Child Advocacy Studies (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Community Engagement (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Conflict Resolution (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Crime Scene Investigation (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Criminal Justice (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Digital Evidence Discovery (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Digital Evidence Investigation (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Digital Marketing (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Drone Operations and Applications (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Graphic Design (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Hispanic Cultural (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Human Resource Management (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Java Programming (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Maker (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Marketing (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Marketing Analytics (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Microsoft .NET Applications Development (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Nonprofit Management (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Photography (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Sport Analytics (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Training & Staff Development (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Trauma-Informed Approaches (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Web Applications Development (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Post-Bachelor Certificates

Accounting (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Post-Baccalaureate Legal Nurse Consultant (Certificate - Graduate)

Post-Bachelor’s Paralegal (Certificate - Undergraduate)

Graduate Certificates

Case Management for Human Services (Certificate - Graduate)

Undergraduate Minors

Air Force — Military Studies (Minor)

Army — Military Studies (Minor)

Art (Minor)

Business (Minor)

Digital Publishing (Minor)

Drama (Minor)

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (Minor)

Finance (Minor)

Global Management (Minor)

Graphic Design (Minor)

History (Minor)

Human Resource Management (Minor)

Literature (Minor)

Management Information Systems (Minor)

Mathematics (Minor)

Multimedia Production (Minor)

Natural Science (Minor)

Photography (Minor)

Political Science (Minor)

Video and Digital Film-Making (Minor)

Video and Motion Graphics - Video (Minor)


Wilmington University's masters' degree programs help you get to the next level of your career. Taught by faculty who are practitioners in their fields, our graduate programs combine theory and research with real-world knowledge and practices so you're prepared to meet the ever-changing demands of professionals and executives across any industry.

Career and Technical Education

Education (Licensure/Certification)

School Leadership (Non-Certification)