Cyber Day Preparedness for Faculty

Coronavirus Update

Please read a special letter from Dr. Jim Wilson, Vice President for Academic Affairs, regarding the moving of face-to-face courses to online learning format for the Spring and Summer 2020 terms due to the coronavirus.

Cyber Day is a set of resources designed to help faculty keep learning momentum going in their classes if meeting with students face-to-face is not possible. To ensure that unexpected closings have minimal impact on the flow of student learning, Wilmington University has implemented Cyber Days. The Cyber Day concept is a teaching and learning approach which shifts the face-to-face direct instruction classroom experience to a dynamic guided online learning experience.

Training and Support Options

Canvas Boot Camp: Cyber Essentials for Faculty

Do you need a refresher on how to turn your course into a Cyber event? Please join the Ed Tech Department for a refresher of how to add content to Canvas Modules, how to create various assignment types (Discussions, Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Quizzes) and provide grading and feedback in Canvas. A review about scheduling a Zoom meeting in your course will also be shared.

Canvas BootCamp: Cyber Essentials for Faculty

Would you like to keep your course going using Zoom?

Zoom is the tool to host a webinar and meet your class online. To get training, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete this self-paced training in Canvas. 
  2. Click this link to register:
  3. Once registered, accept the invitation and see this course on your Canvas Dashboard.

Technology Tools and Resources

Use the resources below to learn how to use the right technology tool to enhance student learning in the online classroom.



Use communication tools built-in to the learning management system:


Host a live/synchronous web conference to communicate in real-time with students remotely:

  • Get Started - To start zooming today, go to and click on sign in, and enter your WilmU credentials. This will authenticate your account and streamline your recordings to Kaltura.
  • Get Training - You can access Zoom self-paced training in the WilmU Learning Center, by signing in and clicking on ‘Catalog’, searching for Zoom, and clicking on ‘Start’ next to the course.
  • Special training: "Lights, Camera, Quarantine! Best Practices for Webcam Video at Home". With some minor thoughts given to audio, lighting, framing, and camera position you can vastly improve the online video experience for viewers!
  • Questions/Help - Find more information about Zoom, training, and resources.

CTE Tips

Cyber Day Course Planning Tips:

Course Materials


Post instructor created course materials:

Building course content
  •  such as a PowerPoint, PDF file, or link to an external site.
  • PowerPoint recording to narrate a lecture.


Create instructional video content:

Assessments in Canvas


Measure student performance:


Grade assignments:

Tech Support Options

Online Teaching Tips: 

  • In addition to the tools highlighted on this page, faculty have access to over 20 educational technology tools.
  • Determine which class content is appropriate for online, and which content should be saved for face-to-face interaction.
  • Provide extensions of learning opportunities presented in class and new entry points for class content learning in the absence of face-to-face interaction.
  • Utilize innovative technologies to convert what would have taken place in class into engaging, interactive learning opportunities online.
  • Communicate with students via available technologies so that your class can stay on track.
  • Encourage students to learn how to use the Canvas tools by viewing the Canvas for Students videos. These videos show students how to navigate Canvas, communicate online, upload assignments, use discussion boards, and take online tests.
  • Encourage your students to download the Canvas Student app.
  • Encourage students to check their Wilmington University email often and set up their mobile device to get their WU email.
  • View the Online Faculty Resources to learn about the best practices for online teaching.

Make-up Class Request Forms

To ensure that unexpected closings have minimal impact on the flow of student learning the cyber day concept will replace the need to schedule make-up days. However, a course with special equipment or resources may be granted a classroom during reading week.  Submit a request by site using one of these forms:

If the site you teach at is not listed above, please request for room arrangements by contacting the appropriate site director.