Cyber Day

Cyber Day is a set of resources designed to help faculty keep learning momentum going in their classes when they need to cancel a face-to-face session. Review the following resources to pick up tips and techniques:

  • Determine which class content is appropriate for online, and which content should be saved for face-to-face interaction.
  • Provide extensions of learning opportunities presented in class and new entry points for class content learning in the absence of face-to-face interaction.
  • Utilize innovative technologies to convert what would have taken place in class into engaging, interactive learning opportunities online.
  • Communicate with students via available technologies so that your class can stay on track.
  • Encourage students to learn how to use the Blackboard tools by completing the Online Learning Orientation for Students. This orientation will show students how to navigate Blackboard, communicate online, upload assignments, use discussion boards, and take online tests.
  • Encourage students to check their Wilmington University email often and set up their mobile device to get their WU email.

For an overview of Cyber Day, please read the document on "Keeping Class On Track" and view the workshop video archive below:

Detailed instructions for each topic covered in Cyber Day

Topic / Link to Video

Instruction Sheet
(right click to download; left click to view)

Creating Announcements

Creating Announcements.pdf

Creating an Assignment

Creating an Assignment.pdf

Grading Assignments

Grading Assignments.pdf

Creating and Replying to Discussion Boards

Creating a Discussion Board Forum.pdf

Grading Discussion Boards Grading a Discussion Board Forum.pdf
Converting a Test to Blackboard Convert a Document Test to a Blackboard Testl.pdf
Using Excel to Create a Blackboard Test Test Using Excel - Sample.xlsx


Upload Video File to Kaltura

Narrating a PowerPoint with Kaltura

Make-up Class Request Forms

To ensure that unexpected closings have minimal impact on the flow of student learning the cyber day concept will replace the need to schedule make-up days. However, a course with special equipment or resources may be granted a classroom during reading week.  Submit a request by site using one of these forms: