Ed Tech Tool Catalog

Wilmington University faculty have access to many educational technology tools and services. Use the table below to learn how to use the appropriate technology tool to enhance student learning. Instructors may contact  edtech@wilmu.edu to request training or support.  Learn more about  computer, software, and Internet browser requirements .

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Ed Tech Tools Managed by Online Learning and Educational Technology

The following ed tech tools are managed and supported by the Online Learning and Educational Technology Department.

Ed Tech Tool Supported by WilmU

Purpose – what is it used for?

How does this work?

Web Pages for Support


Learning Management System (LMS)

Canvas allows instructors and students to access course materials, communicate and collaborate online. It has various tools for delivering learning content, engaging online learners, and measuring their performance.

Canvas Web Page  

Canvas System Requirements

Canvas Mobile App

Canvas Quizzes

Online exams and quizzes

Canvas quizzes offers a wide variety of tools for creating, assessing, and analyzing assessments. Canvas “quizzes” can be used to create exams, tests, quizzes, and graded activities, many of which can be set for automatic grading. You can also limit the potential for academic dishonesty with random questions, requiring a password, and limiting date/time access.

Canvas Quizzes Video

Canvas Gradebook

Post student grades and performance feedback in a timely matter

Instructors are expected to post assignments and record grades in the Canvas Gradebook. When possible, students should expect to submit assignments through the grade center.  Research suggests that students want specific and detailed feedback from their instructors. By giving students feedback on their assignments, you are helping them to perform better on future assignments. Personalized feedback also strengthens your relationship with students and makes them feel more engaged with their coursework.

Canvas Gradebook Videos

Canvas Guide to the Gradebook

Cyber Day

Online Make-up class Teaching Strategies

Cyber Day is a set of resources designed to help faculty keep learning momentum going in their classes when they need to cancel a face-to-face session. To ensure that unexpected closings have minimal impact on the flow of student learning, Wilmington University will begin implementing Cyber Days when face-to-face sessions are not possible. The Cyber Day concept is a teaching and learning approach which shifts the face-to-face direct instruction classroom experience to a dynamic guided online learning experience.

Cyber Day Web Page

Cyber Day Videos


Library databases

Add articles or ebooks to your courses from the Library's EBSCOhost research databases.

EBSCOhost web page

Kaltura Capture

Learn how to download, install, and use the Kaltura Capture Recorder by  watching this video .

Create a video via Screen Capture, Lecture capture, or PowerPoint narration

Kaltura is used for creating video and multimedia content. This can be particularly important for online instructors, since it helps to bring synchronous and asynchronous engagement into the online classroom. An Arizona State University study in March 2014 found a direct correlation between course grades and students viewing faculty-created videos (Wilson, 2014). This tool is not compatible with Chromebooks.

Kaltura Web Page

Kaltura System Requirements

Kaltura for iOS

Kaltura for Android


Access detailed information about your courses and students, enter your attendance and final grades

All faculty members at Wilmington University are required to take weekly attendance and submit it through the myWilmU faculty portal. Attendance must be recorded weekly throughout the duration of the course. In accordance with our academic policy, instructors will submit final grades to the Registrar’s office within 1 week of the last day of class (Sunday) through the myWilmU faculty portal.

myWilmU Web Page

myWilmU Guides for Faculty


Online portfolio of academic work

This tool allows students to access their online portfolios via Canvas.  A portfolio should prove that you can really do what you say you can do on your resume. Include samples of completed projects and essays.

Limited usage: This tool is only used in select courses, in the College of Technology.

Portfolium Web Page


Respondus Monitor Exams

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser

Virtual Proctoring Service

Online proctoring is software that monitors students taking an online exam through a webcam. The purpose of this software is to verify the students’ identities and help improve academic integrity in the online classroom. Many universities require students to complete high-stakes final exams at a physical testing center. Online proctoring is a convenient alternative, since exams can be completed in the comfort of each student’s home. This tool is not compatible with Chromebooks.

Limited usage: This tool is  only used in select courses, per request of the program chair.

Respondus Monitor Web Page

Respondus System Requirements


System Status

Plagiarism and AI Detection Tool

TurnItIn is a plagiarism and AI detection tool that instructors may use on writing assignments in Canvas. This academic integrity tool helps identify potential plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content. Turnitin also generates an AI Detection report, which should be used alongside other evidence to determine if a student has inappropriately used AI in a submission.

TurnItIn Web Page

TurnItIn System Requirements

Video-Enabled Classroom

Teach both face-to-face and online students simultaneously

This classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, audio, and video. Through the use of Zoom in any Canvas course, this technology is easy to use and access in a familiar web conference format. This technology allows students to see, hear, and interact with students in the face-to-face classroom.

Limited usage: This tool is  only used in select courses, per request of the program chair.

Video-Enabled Classroom Web Page


Online video portal for publicly available student, faculty, and staff content

Everything from student TV shows, campus events, staff training, guest speakers, and more can be found on WilmUTube. All content on WilmUTube is generated by the Wilmington University community and can be watched from any computer or any mobile device. Videos can be shared with one easy click to most common social networks or linked and embedded almost anywhere!  

Visit WilmUTube


Web Conferencing Service

Zoom is the official conferencing platform used at Wilmington University.

Zoom Status Page

Zoom Web Page

WilmU Supported Third Party Tools

These tools can be incorporated into your Canvas classes and/or used in conjunction with your class material. All of these tools are supported with training from the EdTech department.
3rd Party Tool Purpose How it Works Vendor Tech Support
Canva Design Tool

Canva allows for image editing and project-based learning using a simple drag-and-drop interface that works well even for all students. From brainstorming as a group working collaboratively to individual project creation, it has lots of potential uses in courses. Canva offers plenty of virtual templates so instructors and students can work with a design and add in their own changes. This allows them to focus on the topic at hand without wasting time or energy on getting started with the tool itself. 

Canva Homepage
Padlet Digital Notice Board

Padlet is a tool used to design content to share and collaborate with others. Padlet boards can be utilized to organize and present rich media: images, web pages, videos, text, files, presentations that can then be shared with others. Padlet boards can also be embedded as an interactive page in Canvas.

Padlet Homepage
Wakelet Digital Curation Platform

Wakelet is a bookmark manager. The platform allows you to organize your bookmarks and content into visual collections, that you can then share with your students.  It offers a way to collate online resources in one place, called a wake. These wakes can then be shared with a link to be accessed online, easily.

Wakelet Homepage

Vendor Supported Third Party Tools Integrated in Canvas

These tools are available for student and faculty use in select courses, per request of the program chair.  If instructors need assistance with syncing grades with a textbook publisher integration such as Pearson or McGraw-Hill, please contact your program chair for support, or contact the vendors via the Tech Support options provided below.

3rd Party Tool 


How it Works

Vendor Tech Support

Cengage Learning MindLinks Course content platform Cengage Learning Mindlinks allows students to access Cengage Learning course content through a link. This offers instructors the opportunity to customize course content by including relevant resources such as chapter readings and practice assignments in the Cengage Learning platform. By clicking on the links, students can access the materials they need for success in the course.

Cengage Learning MindLinks 

Hawkes Course content platform Hawkes provides textbooks, ebooks and educational software to enhance student learning. Students can access course resources and complete course requirements on Hawkes.



Inclusive Access Course Material delivery program Inclusive Access provides digital course content for students such as ebooks.


Inclusive Access

Labster Virtual science lab Labster is an interactive 3D animation platform that teaches students scientific concepts through simulations. Instructors can customize the lab to suit course objectives and student needs. With the aid of a virtual learning assistant, students can master scientific concepts, take quizzes and monitor their progress.


McGraw Hill ALEKS Business Course content platform McGraw Hill ALEKS Business creates a personalized learning system for students with the use of artificial intelligence. Students can access their course materials such as case studies, course topics and interactive games on the program. 

McGraw Hill Aleks

McGraw Hill Campus   Learning Software Faculty and students can easily browse and use instructional resources from McGraw Hill's library such as ebooks, tests, Powerpoint slides and integrate digital platforms such as Connect into courses.

McGraw Hill Campus

McGraw-Hill Connect Web-based assignment platform McGraw Hill Connect offers students the ability to register, take assignments and assessments to further their learning. Instructors can monitor student progress and access student grades once they set it up in a course with the use of unique access codes.


McGraw Hill Connect

McGraw-Hill SimNet Training program Students and faculty can practice their Microsoft Office and file management skills on McGraw SimNet with training videos and assessments to achieve learning goals and for career advancement.


McGraw-Hill SimNet

Pearson Learning Software Pearson's program offers students and instructors ebooks, learning platforms and tutoring applications for high quality educational experiences. Users can browse courses from the plethora of topics and pursue certificates from the program.



Pearson MyLab and Mastering Course content platform Instructors can personalize courses for students through MyLab. Students can take online assessments, engage in interactive learning and increase student understanding of educational concepts. Pearson Mylab
Peregrine Academic Services Online testing and educational program Students can use Peregrine's services to write good research papers, format and cite sources and also acquire foundational business knowledge and skills. In addition, Peregrine offers soft skill assessments and professional development for students. Peregrine
RedShelf eBooks Academic resource sharing platform Students can purchase, read and sell ebooks, academic resources, documents and other digital educational content on Redshelf.



RedShelf WilmU

Sage Vantage Course content platform Instructors can link Sage Vantage to course resources with unique codes. Students can sign up and use the codes instructors provide to access course relevant materials, learn and complete assignments that are auto graded. It increases students' critical thinking skills and performance in a course.


Sage Vantage

SCORM Course creation service SCORM's software allows instructors to build courses, edit course content, track learner progress and create customizable content for students.



TestOut EduApp Course content platform Faculty can use this service to link course resources, custom exams and certifications. The service provides instructors the ability to copy course content, export and import courses and grade student assignments.


TestOut EduApp

WileyPLUS Course content platform WileyPlus has pre-built courses and ebooks that faculty can employ for inclusion in their courses. It also provides an online platform which allows instructors to collaborate and share ideas for effective teaching.


Technical Support and Training Information

  • If you need help installing or using these tools, please   contact the Help Desk  during the support hours. 
  • Please note that Chromebooks may not be supported by every tool listed below. View the support page listed below or the vendor’s website to learn about each app’s specific technical requirements.  
  • View the Learning Systems Status web page to check the uptime/downtime status of the various learning systems that are used in Wilmington University courses.
  • For Ed Tech workshops, view the Faculty Workshop Calendar; for CTE workshops, view the events at Center for Teaching Excellence.